Friday, January 20, 2017

Another set of Geisha

There was a time when I had to draw some Geisha.  The above one was a special request for a hair like that and it's my favorite. I think she looks fabulous.
Linda4atc started this Round Robin below with Geisha face, I added the  body and Crafty3790 finished with the background.
  • My tooth broke off last week and I had to go to the dentist. I have a private dentist but he has a subvention from the state for basic stuff. So, giving me a white filling I had to pay extra and it blew my mind how much dentists make for little work. I was there 20 minutes. Ridiculous
  • Parent's car had to go to the shop again. I'm tired of this car already and we only have it for a little while. It constantly needs something and it's draining money. 
  • The kid is not so sure about snow. He doesn't like the feel of it on his hands. Just like the paint incident last month. Maybe it'll grow on him when he gets older. :) I remember loving playing on the snow. He gets a few rides with the sled and is good to go inside.
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Friday, January 13, 2017

Girl with balloons and the Mandela effect

Miss M started this Round Robin with balloons, LucyMc added the girl and I finished with the birds and background.

Have you heard of the Mandela effect? It's a little freaky that so many people remember something that apparently never happened or was a different way. It's called the Mandela effect because it was in 2010 that people first noticed something weird is going on because they thought Mandela already died in 1991 in jail but he didn't die until 2013. I actually remember that time because when I heard about Nelson Mandela's death I thought he was already dead as well but I didn't really pay attention to it. Only now when I heard about this Mandela effect I remembered I was one of those people confused about his "second" death.

There's a lot of brands that people remember being spelled differently or characters being different and HERE are 100 examples for it. I don't know about some of the US brands but I do remember Kit Kat with a dash, Looney Toons with double "o", the famous quote from "I love Lucy", "Hello, Clarice" from Silence of the Lambs, Queen's "of the world" at the end of We are the champions song and Mona Lisa having a mysterious smile but definitely not a smirk she's sporting now-a days just to name a few. But what blew my mind is mirror, mirror on the wall from the Snow White. Apparently the stepmother never said it instead she said, magic mirror on the wall.

And these are not just things being changed by the companies or re-branding but they claim it's been like this all along and you cannot find any proof of it being the way you remember. Almost. People have found memorabilia that proves it being different and certain famous lines from the movies being spoken in other movies the way many people remember but the original claims otherwise.

HERE is a video that has proof of several Mandela effects being different in the past.

Another thing that actually freaked me out was the video of president Kennedy being shot. We all watched those videos and I never remember seeing his brains being blown out. Literally. HERE's a video if you want to refresh your memory. Also how did the car get 6 seats all of a sudden?

How do you remember these things?

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Friday, January 6, 2017

Black & White with a splash of color

I bought myself one of those electric toothbrushes. I remember owning one a while back but I have no recollection of using it. I must have blocked it out of my memory because it was too traumatic. Here's the thing. This toothbrush tickles me to tears. I am serious. I almost can't handle it. The feeling is so bizarre that it could be classified as torture technique. How are you people doing it? Am I the only one? Is the toothbrush defaulted?
On another note. I might have mentioned before that we bought the kid a new firetruck "big boy" bed. However now that he has "slept" in it for a couple of times, I decided to put him back in the crib. I say "slept" because he didn't sleep there long before he woke himself up and wanted to come sleep by my side.

The thing is the kid is not a peaceful sleeper. He moves around a lot and even gets up and turns the other way. This bed is too big for him and even though I protected the sides enough for him not to fall off, he has hit his head a couple of times when moving around.

He loves to play on the bed though but we'll postpone sleeping in it for at least a while.

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Friday, December 30, 2016

Happy New Year and moley spread

This is November's Moley journal for Will on the theme of Alice in Wonderland. She decided to use a different kind of journal so the paper was thinner and I had to use a different media than usually. These pages are colored with regular colored pencils.
Last weekend, actually on Christmas day, we went to a private ZOO park near us that had a live nativity display. Let me first tell you that I don't support ZOOs because animals don't belong in cages and poor living situations for our enjoyment and when my hubby wanted to take the kid to the city ZOO, they went without me. But this ZOO is rescued animals only. They rescue animals that would be put down by the other ZOOs and tend to injured, sick or orphaned wild animals. One way of raising money to keep the ZOO park is this nativity display.

Even though we're not religious and the reason we went is because the kid loves animals, I must admit it was magical. It was late afternoon when it's already dark, there was some mist because that's the kind of weather here at this time and they had torches along the path. The locals were dressed as nativity characters on different spots throughout the park including the animals and they were playing on these large bells that I don't know how to call but the sound was divine. 

I was most impressed by the bear which I thought would be hibernating at this time and white wolves. They closed off the bear's enclosure so he would be closer to the path and we could see him better. 

However, I had some issues with it. This was our second time visiting this ZOO park and I wasn't impressed by the enclosures then and it didn't get any better now. The owner said to us then that they plan on expanding and my friend was told the same some time before we went but to this day nothing changed apart from him getting some new animals for the ZOO. So the money can't be the issue since he told us he would be buying and importing those white wolves from another country. 

Ok, let me just get this off of my chest. Enclosures for the animals are too small. The wild boars are literally enclosed in 2x2 m cages. The first time I thought maybe it was because one had babies and it was for their protection but this time there was no reason for it apart from having them closer to the path so we could see them. One of them was exhibiting stress by rocking side to side. I saw the same behavior with a racoon that was pacing the same path up and down. I saw him the first time we were there and I saw him again this time. Another thing that bothered me was that animals had no inside shelter. There were roofs made but there was no closed stable to keep them warm. 

And call me crazy but it doesn't make sense to me to reproduce animals in captivity, if they're not on the brink of extinction. This place is rescuing animals, why would you make babies? It decreases the enclosure space for other animals that are already there and makes it harder for the place to get new rescues. It's like getting a cat and letting her reproduce and keeping all the kittens. You end up with 50 cats in an apartment and a title crazy cat lady. 

I saw several pregnant goats, a sheep with twin babies and already mentioned baby boars from a while back.  I don't know about the rest but I think it's safe to say that birds were reproducing as well since there was a whole flock of agapornis fischers along with a bunch of guinea pigs. 

I'm torn now whether to support this ZOO park or not. They have the right idea but execution of it is poor. I guess one could say the animals are better off here than dead but are they really?
I'm making an exception for this photo and showing you my baby boy because he's so darn cute. :)
 Happy New Year, everyone! 
Have a fabulous 2017!

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Friday, December 23, 2016

Antler Girls and Happy Holidays!

This is the closest I have for holiday art this week. For some reason I haven't done much wintery or festive art this year. So pretend they're Santa's reindeer. :)
Some randomness:
  • I still haven't bought a gift for my hubby but we tend to exchange gifts on New Year's so I'm good for a week
  • It's freaking freezing around here. I go out with the kid and we come back frozen but there's still no snow. 
  • I'm making a bucket list. In general not just for next year but I'll try to make it happen next year if possible.
  • I found a really tasty vegan cheese and I'm obsessed with making toast every day. Toast for me is two pieces of bread with cheese in between and toasted. I guess you call it grilled cheese?

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

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